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La Manga Spa Holiday Questions
Questions about La Manga Spa

When is the Spa open?
Spa La Manga Club is open from 8:00am to 9:00pm, seven days a week for your convenience.

Can I get help?
Certainly, you can ask at the Spa Reception and they will assist you in choosing your ideal treatment.

What if I have specific health concerns?
It is important to inform Spa La Manga Club about any health condition you may have such as allergies, high blood pressure, injuries or disabilities and concerns when booking. If any discomfort is experienced during treatment, please inform your therapist immediately.

Are spa treatments suitable during pregnancy?
While there are a handful of specific treatments which are not recommended during pregnancy, there are still many that are just as enjoyable, and even help to relieve some of the symptoms of pregnancy.

When should I arrive?
It is recommended that you arrive thirty minutes before your appointment so that you can get the most out of your experience at Spa La Manga Club. This will enable you to have the time to relax beforehand and enjoy the range of spa facilities including the sauna, steam room and jacuzzis. All treatments start exactly on time. If you are late you will lose valuable treatment time, reducing your enjoyment and the effectiveness of the treatment. There will not be any reduction in treatment charges as a result of any late arrivals.

What should I wear?
There are facilities to change at Spa La Manga Club, so you can arrive in your normal clothes. It should be noted that swimsuits must be worn in all public areas, including the unisex saunas, jacuzzis, steam rooms, and indoor pool. For your comfort before and after treatment there are robes and slippers available. Your body will be fully draped during treatment except for the area being worked on, but you are free to wear whatever is comfortable.

Is there anywhere to leave my valuables?
There are lockers available at the spa for you to store your personal belongings, however it is recommended that your jewellery and valuables are left at home, or in the safety deposit box in your guest room.

What if I feel uncomfortable?
Spa La Manga Club wish for you to have an enjoyable stay. If there is anything that can be done to increase your comfort such as adjusting the music volume, massage pressure, room temperature or anything else please inform the spa staff. Mobile phones and pagers should be switched off in the spa.

Should I shave before my treatment?
Men should shave two hours or more before facial treatments in order to receive maximum benefit from the experience, although it is not essential. Shaving is not recommended by the spa if it is less than two hours before a facial or prior to any body treatments or hair removal services.

What is the minimum age?
The minimum age is usually 18 years, however the spa is happy to discuss suitable treatments for teens. Those aged 16-18 years may use the gymnasium as long as they are accompanied by an adult. The indoor swimming pool can be used by anyone who is 16 years or older, and also under 16s when accompanied by an adult. Standard fees and condition apply in all cases.

What if I need to change or cancel my appointment?
If you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify a staff member at Spa La Manga Club six hours in advance to avoid being charged the full service fee. To cancel a package or private party please inform the spa 24 hours before your appointment. Your credit card number is needed at the time you book your appointment.

How can I pay for Spa services?
All major credit cards and cash are accepted at Spa La Manga Club. You may also charge spa services to your room account if you are staying at the La Manga hotel or Las Lomas Village & Spa.

Should I leave a tip?
Please feel free to leave a gratuity if you were pleased with the level of service you received, which will be distributed to the spa staff who served you during your visit.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?
Absolutely. Spa Gift Certificates can be purchased to a specific value or for particular services. You may also use Spa La Manga Club Gift Certificates towards services or purchases in the Spa Boutique.
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