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Water Ski Lessons on the La Manga del Mar Menor
Learn to Ski at La Manga del Mar Menor

Visiting Spain involves more than just sunning yourself on the beach. The Mar Menor is so close to La Manga Club Resort that you can try new water sport activities. Whether you have previous experience of water skiing in Spain or if you have yet to learn, you are guaranteed enjoyment as part of the water sport experience along the Mar Menor. Be sure to have fun water skiing as you make use of the skis that are specially designed and adapted for use on the water.

To learn to ski you will be pulled behind either a motor boat or a cable system on either a lake or the sea. You will need to hold onto the rope that is pulled along, and if anything does go wrong while water skiing, e.g. loss of balance, then you just simply let go of the rope. There will be a spotter on-board to let the driver know you have come off, and they will stop and go back to you. Before setting off on a session of water skiing they will ensure you are taught how to communicate with the spotter using certain hand signals to make sure they are aware if you are in trouble at any time.

When you learn to ski along the Mar Menor, there will be 3 of you to the boat. You of course will be the water skier, the second person is the boat operator and the spotter is the third. The spotters job is to watch you so they can inform the boat driver if or when you need any assistance when learning to ski. A good common example of this is telling the driver if you fall over, which means that the driver will know when to stop the boat and come around to get you set up again.

The more experienced water skiers will be able to jump over waves and perform stunts to display their full range of skills. If you are a novice however, please do not feel you have to show off. It is instead worth concentrating on the basics first, i.e. trying to remain upright and not falling over. If at any time you feel the need to stop, you only need to let go of the rope. The spotter on the boat will tell the boat driver to turn back to you immediately.

You can be taught the skills needed for water skiing from various water sport centres along the Mar Menor, all at a slow pace for everyone to pick up and learn to ski successfully. There are centres that teach the correct way all over the Spanish coasts including Mar Menor. The instructors are qualified and can also offer you courses of lessons. Most normal packages start by teaching the correct methods of water skiing and then proceed to have a few runs out on the Mar Menor for water skiing. If you are a confident water skier with previous experience then do not worry about taking lessons, just go straight ahead and arrange water ski runs. The normal rate of hire is on an hourly basis. Please note that if you bring your own water skis, the overall cost will be cheaper because you will be to hiring less equipment.

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