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PADI Diving Courses at La Manga in Murcia Spain
PADI Diving Courses at La Manga Club

Adventure Divers offer a great range of PADI diving courses at La Manga Club which can last from as little as two hours for those with time constraints, to two weeks or more for those with more time to spare.

Discover Scuba Diving (Pool and Sea).
People who have a morning to spare will find this PADI diving course at La Manga Club as an excellent chance to experience the underwater world. You will complete a short pool session with scuba, and then be escorted to the Mediterranean sea for your dive in the clear, warm waters, full of aquatic life whilst under the close supervision of your instructor. Duration Approximately 4 hours. For ages 10 years and above.

Recreational diving courses with PADI Certification.
This is a sub course part of the open water diver course which allows you to become a PADI certified diver. It provides an opportunity for diving to those who have time constraints, as well as those interested in group diving and also tours guided by a certified professional. It invites people to experience PADI diving courses at La Manga Club and encourages them to continue training to the open water diver level and beyond.

Open Water Diver (3-4 days)
With standards set by PADI the worlds number one dive organisation you will learn all the basic and essential rules that all safe divers abide by, making this the most popular diver certification in the world. Becoming a certified PADI Open Water Diver will give you the freedom to carry out diving activities independent of any professional guidance from any dive centre, anywhere in the world. Everyone who can swim, is in good health and is reasonably fit can earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification through the PADI diving courses at La Manga Club. The course will take 3-4 days to complete and absolutely all equipment, insurance, air fills and diving services are included transparently in the price along with the PADI open water pack, which contains all the relevant studying material. There are no extra hidden costs.

Advanced Open Water Diver
(2 days or 3 if taken with Medical first Response course) If you already hold a PADI Open Water Diver certification then you are ready for the next leap in terms of education and experience. There are 5 additional diving specialities to learn and you will be able to further enjoy and understand more about your interaction with the aquatic environment. Understanding more will increase your diving confidence and allow you to relax and really enjoy your PADI diving courses at La Manga Club.

Emergency First Response: (1 day)
For all serious divers this is a basic must-have. PADI through Adventure Divers will teach you how to provide first aid to yourself and others in the case of an accident. Anybody can take this course, even if you are not a qualified diver.

Rescue Diver: (4 days)
The most important recreational certification from the PADI diving courses at La Manga Club is Rescue Diver, which will allow you to gain the knowledge and practical experience required to deal with emergency situations both above and below the surface of the water. Have you ever wondered how well you would cope if your buddy was injured or panicked? You will learn and get the chance to practice your skills as a competent diver by dealing with real rescue scenarios. By qualifying as a PADI Rescue Diver you will be able to recognise risk before it becomes a problem. You will feel far more confident in the water and most important of all, you will make a real contribution to the safety and security of all who dive with you.

Dive Master: (3-6 weeks+)
PADI Professionals live the dream of getting paid to do what they love; would you like to as well? With a PADI Divemaster certification card youll have a skill that is transferable to anywhere in the world where theres water. PADI professionals have this choice. With Adventure Divers and PADI diving courses at La Manga Club you too can join the ranks of professional divers who are paid to carry out their hobby every day! As a member of PADI, you will become part of the diving industrys most successful company.

Adventure Divers offer you the choice of taking the basic course over 2 weeks or the more desirable internship program. The internship typically lasts 6-12 weeks, during which time you will not only learn more detail about the science of diving but also the art of managing students in your care.

Speciality Diver courses.
These speciality dives can include:
Deep, boat, night, dive computer, underwater photographer, peak performance buoyancy, multi level, enriched air, underwater naturalist, underwater navigation and wreck diver.

After completing 5 of these speciality courses you can then apply to become a master scuba diver, which is the highest recreational diver rating possible.

Scuba Review.
Helping certified divers update their knowledge and skills is the primary purpose of this course, refreshing their memory on procedures and skills especially following a period of diving inactivity. This can also be used as an assessment for PADI scuba divers and referral students who want to earn the open water diver certification. It can also help to assist non-certified divers seeking qualification.

Dive Check.
For qualified divers who have not dived for a period of time this will refresh particular skills, hand signals and equipment preparation, to bring back full confidence and make the dive more safe and fun! This is not a PADI course.
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